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Complaints by the client will only be accepted if they are clearly presented to us in writing within 8 days of receipt of the products. Complaints that concern defects that can only become apparent during consumer use will only be accepted if they are presented in writing within 8 days of being disclosed to, or could reasonably have been known by, the client.

Return shipments by the client are only permitted following acceptance by us of the complaint, with approval of the return shipment. Approved return shipments must be accompanied by a return order, stating the date and number of the invoice of the products. We will not accept unapproved return shipments. Return shipments must be delivered within 8 days, whereby the resulting costs are for the client’s account. Products not ordered by the client must be returned in their undamaged original packaging.
Besides the aforementioned complaint facility, we accept no liability for any further direct or indirect damage to persons, goods or business of the client and/or third parties.

We accept no liability for the consequences of incorrect and/or injudicious use of the delivered products, of the consequences of use deviating from and/or contrary to the advice/instructions given by us. Advice/instructions given by us in no way release the clients from their obligation to inspect the products as regards their suitability for the intended use. The client is in all cases required to provide proof that the products delivered by us have been properly inspected and subsequently used correctly and appropriately in accordance with the instructions given by us.